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Location: Bishoftu, Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Bishoftu City Administration

Administration Offices

  • Construction of B+G+M+6 Administration office
  • Construction of Fence and Gate
  • Site Work and Fountain

“Bishoftu is the town located in East Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region, and has an elevation of 1,920 metres (6,300 ft)

Location” – Bishoftu, Oromia,Ethiopia

Nono Sale Road Project

80 km Road Project

  • Gravel Road
  • Box Culverts
  • Bridges

“Nono Sele is a town in the Nono Illubabor Wored in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia” -Location,  Illubabor Zone, Oromia, Ethopia

Location: Nono Sale, Oromia Region

Location: Finfinne, Oromia,Ethiopia

ODP Main Gate and Fence

ODP Head Quarter

  • Construction of Main Gates
  • Construction of Fance
  • Design of Oromo Culture and Gadaa Icon

“Construction of ODP (Oromo Democratic Part) Head Office Fence,Main gate and Guard House ” –Location, Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Oromia Sectorial Office

Sectorial Office Building

  • G+7 Flour Building
  • Parking Area
  • Asphalt Road

“Oromia Sectorial Office is ” -Located ,  Sarbet,Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethopia

Location: Sarbet Finfinne/ Addis Ababa

Location: Benishangul Gumuz,Asosa,Ethiopia

Asosa Federal Police

Federal Police Camp

  • Construction of Dormitory
  • Construction of Stadium 
  • Construction of Sport Gymnasium 
  • Construction of Asphalt Road 
  • Construction of Guest House

“Construction of Federal Police Residential Camp at Asosa Town ” –Location, Benishangul Gumuz Region, Asosa Town, Ethiopia

Federal TVET Teachers

Construction of Teachers Apartment

  • TVET Teachers Residential Apartment
  • B+G+7 Flour Building
  • Parking Area

“Construction of FTET Teachers residential apartment  ” -Located ,  Bole Hayat ,Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethopia

Location: Bole Hayat, Finfinne/ Addis Ababa

Location: CMC Road, Civil Service University, A:A

Civil Service University

ESCU Building

  • Construction of President Office
  • Construction of Store
  • Construction of  Student Dormitory

“Construction of different building Student Dormitory, Store, and President Office   ” –Location, Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Location: Lideta, Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Oromo Cultural Products

Exhibition Center and Market

  • Exhibition Center
  • Cafe and Restaurant 
  • Cultural Product Market Place
  • Meeting Wall
  • Parking Area

“Construction of Oromoo Culture, Exhibition Center, Meeting wall and Other building   ” –Location, Lideta Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopian Bio Diversity

Construction of Laboratory

  • Construction of Laboratory
  • Reasearch Institute
  • and Others…

“Construction of Laboratory at Ethiopia Bio Diversity Institute Compound  ” -Located ,  Kebena, Around Kenya Embassy  ,Finfinne/Addis Ababa, Ethopia

Location: Kebena, Around Kenya Embassy Addis Ababa

Mettu University

Construction of Dormitory

  • Student Dormitory Building
  • G+4 Flour Building
  • and others….

“Construction of Student Dormitory at Mettu University  Compound  ” -Located ,  Oromia Region, Illubabor Zone Mettu , Ethopia

Location: Illubabor Zone, Mettu , Ethopia

Location: Oromia Region,Illubabor Zone, Ethiopia

Laga Sesse Bridge

Bridge Construction at Sesse

  • Bridge Construction

“Construction of Bridge at Laga Sesse ” -Located ,  Oromia Region, Illubabor Zone , Ethopia

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